Bilambil Public School

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About our school

At Bilambil Public School the experienced staff is committed to quality education for all. We believe that quality education is based on quality teaching.

We believe that our students need to be actively engaged in individual, shared and cooperative learning experiences which are enjoyable, relevant and challenging.

We aim to develop the whole child, intellectually, socially, emotionally, creatively and physically in a caring learning environment that prepares students, in all their diversity, to succeed in today's world.

Our modern, fully air-conditioned buildings on large grounds in a semi-rural setting contribute to the peaceful learning environment of the school.

Our student's personal development programs focus on safety, fairness, responsibility and leadership.

Parents, staff and students proudly work together to create a great nurturing school in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Core values

Parents, staff and students were surveyed to determine the values perceived to be the most important in our community. The core values in order of importance for the Bilambil Public School community are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty & trustworthiness
  • Integrity
  • Care & compassion
  • Doing your best
  • Fairness
  • Co-operation          
  • Understanding, tolerance & inclusion
  • Participation
  • Democracy.

While all these are essential values for life, which we will teach the children in our care, Bilambil Public School will focus on the first six values.

These values will underpin all aspects of learning and curriculum at this school and will form a reference framework against which all decisions can be made. Their associated behaviours will be standard for what is acceptable and we hope that this code of values will enable our students to make a valuable contribution to the school and as citizens of Australia.

Bilambil Public School provides its pupils with a unique, happy and caring semi-rural environment in which to learn. The school equips each child with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values necessary in our changing society. A wide and varying range of activities are offered to allow for the growth of each individual pupil. These activities include: school band, choir, sporting teams, public speaking, debating, student representative council, gifted and talented programs, camping programs and a signing group.

Pupils at Bilambil are also able to participate in the study of Indonesian as a second language, a swimming program designed for all levels of ability, environmental education and technology programs.

These programs run hand-in-hand with the overall school plan covering all key learning areas.

Download the Bilambil's Public School Movie 2017 for more information about our school.

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